Delivering automated chat to instantly engage your online community and convert hot leads into customers! Our human augmented chatbots are customized for your business to answer common questions, promote offers, book appointments, qualify leads and route them to your staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never miss a lead with an AI powered intelligent agent handoff. 

Your Virtual Customer Service Agent

Chatbots are perfect for businesses that are hyper-focused on creating a great user experience. By answering questions automatically and routing guests to real humans only when necessary, chatbots can help companies simultaneously improve customer service and also free up time for their staff to spend improving their actual in-house experience.

Setting Up Your Chatbot

Once the Facebook Messenger Chatbot is deployed to your Facebook business page, your can remove SiteGlue as page Admin. It takes 1-2 business days to configure your industry specific Facebook Messenger Chatbot. 

Live Chat

Live Chat makes your business easily accessible to your customers by offering a simple way to connect and start a chat through your website. 77% of consumers believe Live Chat improves a businesses reputation. We can setup a proactive chat feature.  It will allow you to prompt a chat with a customer after they've spent a specific amount of time on your website.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

We currently have pre-built Facebook Messenger Chatbots that are available for the following verticals: Automotive, digital agencies, health & fitness, home services, law & insurance, real estate, retail and restaurants. Facebook Messenger chatbots have less friction than email with 80% open rates and 30% click through rates.