iZe Marketing

Are you wanting to reach more customers? We’ve got our iZe on your business and want to help you grow.  By signing up you'll allow our iZe to work for you. So, how does it work?

Our device will send a wireless notification to your potential customers with a promotional message of your choice. Let your iZe take you to places you have never seen before.  You can trust that our iZe don't lie.  You will see immediate results from clicks being driven to your landing page.

What are "eyes" on your business worth to you?

Did you know 60% of U.S. mobile users are on Android Devices?  iZe will push to any Android device that is nearby with sporadic notifications.  You will get unlimited messages sent and unlimited clicks received for no additional charges.  This is advertising that you don't want to miss for this low price. Open Your Eyes And Take Advantage Of Our Deal on iZe-Now!

Key Features

  • Send a Message: Reach your customers directly in their pockets
  • Customize Your Message: Drive people directly to a landing page or website 
  • Reach People 24/7: Painless way to market your brand - your business 

So now we ask, "How Many iZe Do You Want On Your Business?"