Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an extension of your customer service, your reputation, and even your brand awareness.  How are you staying ahead of managing all of the areas of your social media marketing when you have a business to run. 

Consider our social media team at BMHDigital to take on your social media management! In addition to overseeing your social media strategy, we can guarantee you are staying up to date on the latest strategy trends, platforms, and tools.  It’s important for your customers or clients to know that they're being heard, and they have started using social media to share their opinions and ensure thoughts are valued. The live engagement is a prime venue for you to develop relationships with your following.

What is Social Media?

Social media is defined as “the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.  Websites and applications dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, and social curation are among the different types of social media.” Social media marketing is how you promote your business through social channels while also engaging with your audience.

Why Social Media?

  • Drive audience targeted traffic: Did you know you have the ability to customize who sees your posts and with the proper link building you can send your consumer base to your website or product. This helps increase awareness and conversions.
  • SEO boost: Did you know that having links to your social media platforms (because they are such huge websites) helps your organic search results? By sharing links on those platforms that land back to your website helps increase traffic and allows you to naturally climb higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • Relationship Building: Did you know having a social media presence allows you to interact directly with your targeted audience? Having the ability to communicate directly with customers establishes relationships. With marketing you will be able to view your audiences’ habits online and tailor your marketing strategy to best suit them.

At BMH Digital we will customize a social strategy and continue to measure the results of your program.  It requires a team of individuals who can constantly adapt to new technologies and we are dedicated to stay in front of these cutting edge updates.

Social Media Campaigns

We can put together custom, targeted ads and execute a social media campaign to meet your desired business goals. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, grow your email list, generate leads, or increase direct sales, we can help. Publishing content on your website is not the final step. You must push that content out into the world! In order to maximize your reach, we need to create shareable and valuable content on your social media platforms consistently.

The Power of Social Media

How are you leveraging your social media platforms? Leveraging the power of social media is a great way to get the right people talking about you and your brand. These “right” people are known as social influencers.  All businesses can agree how important it is for you to be visible on all your social media pages. We have a platform you can use to share immediately or schedule your post to go out at one time to all your social media profiles.