Text Marketing

Did you know that 99% of all text messages are read? We have a top of the line mobile communication platform that delivers text messages for marketing efforts or operational needs. It’s interactive, immediate, cost-effective and fully measurable. Our intuitive text platform is quick to set up, easy to use, and puts immediate control at the your fingertips.

Why Text?

With text marketing you get instant communication with your customers as most consumers prefer receiving texts, reading them within 45 seconds of receipt. With your custom text code you can have customers and clients easily opt-in to specific lists and still use your keywords for ongoing marketing and promotions. You will have access to an easy list management  system that can be organized or segmented as needed.  Text are a cost-effective way to stay in touch with customers as the expense is limited to pennies per message sent.

Texting Features

  • Send Mass Text Messages
  • Text Message Scheduling
  • Mobile Keyword Sign-up
  • Ability to Setup Auto-Replies
  • Share Events or Promotions
  • Provide a Status Update to a Single Customer 
  • SMS Surveys & Polls
  • Send Happy Birthday Messages
  • Appointment Reminder Text 

Create or import a customer list, select a customized keyword and a business can be ready to send messages in minutes.

What Should You Text?

Customers pay attention to SMS. It’s up to you to make make the most of the medium and your message.  Start sparking conversations with new leads with a special offer, with current customers to share new company updates, to client’s on their birthdays, for reminders of appointments, to ask for a review, and so much more.

What Industries Benefit from Text?

Drive your customer engagement with text marketing.  SMS marketing gives you just that. So do you work in retail, restaurants, travel, education, hotels, real estate, non-profits, salons, churches, car washes, medical, government, events, venues, golf, automotive, gyms, daycares, movie theaters, and more.