Designing Your Website

Our team of website developers create with your needs in mind.  With our team, we understand that each of our projects are unique.  We know that your website helps to define your business, services, and culture.  The moment a potential customer visits your website, it is half decided if they like your business. If you fail to impress the target audience they may never come back. It’s important to have a website that stands out from the others and speed, security, and visual appeal are all factors that impact that.

We will get to know your company so we are able to understand your business needs.  As a website design & development company we enjoy being able to service various industries regardless of the size because of our tenured experience.

The Value of a Responsive Website

Each day more than 50% of website searches are taking place on devices other than a computer.  With the growth of mobile devices and tablets, more people are accessing websites on smaller screens. Because of this it is essential to have a responsive website.  The purpose of a responsive design is to create a web page that “responds to” or “resizes” itself depending upon the type of device it is being viewed on.  We ensure your website is created in a mobile friendly, responsive format. 

Website Design & Development Process

  • 1. Analysis: Determine Website Purpose, Goals, & Target Audience
  • 2. Planning: Layout the Sitemap, Website Structure, & Technologies Used
  • 3. Design: Putt Together the Wireframe Models, Visual Style, Usability, UI, & UX
  • 4. Content: Creation of Copywriting, Selection of Photos & Videos, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 5. Development: HTML & CSS Coding, Databases, Responsive Design
  • 6. Testing: Technical Testing, Browser Compatibility, “Does it fulfill its purpose?”
  • 7. Deployment: Monitoring, Bug Fixes, Maintenance

From start to finish, we take a complicated process and break it down to be understood by anyone. Your involvement is needed in the beginning to ensure we create a website that truly reflects your business. Our collaboration will bring your vision to life.